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tiramisu locanda

The unsurpassed pride of our Restaurant. An absolute must-eat!

 120 b


chocolate mousse

For chocolate lovers

120 b


affogato caffe con amaretto

Vanilla ice cream floating in hot espresso , w/whipped cream , dark cocoa powder...and the secret touch!

140 b


apple pie / cake

A testimonial of our forgotten tradition

120 b



Roberto's favorite!

120 b


vodka lime sorbet

Lime iceberg floating on the Vodka Artic Sea (;

140 b

Our family tradition for over a century

In our family food has always been an essential part of our daily life. The perfect culmination of an amazing meal has always been the! perfect dessert. There are million of ways to make an apple pie, but our contains a long family tradition that makes Locanda Apple pie unique.