· European creativity · asian grace ·


· soups ·

seafood soup

A very popular fusion dish

180 b


tomato soup

Another tasty vegetarian choice

110 b 

mushroom soup thumbn

mushroom cream soup

Vegetarian choice

110 b

· snacks ·
cold cut thumbnail

cold cut

Variety of meats, cheeses,pickles

280 b

tuna carpaccioThumb

tuna carpaccio

Slices of fresh tuna, parmesan, capers, olive oil, rocket salad.

240 b

baked mussels tom thumbn

mussels in white wine

White wine and fresh tomato sauce

240 b

frenchfr thumbn

french fries

75 b 

mix bruschetta

Various toppings on fresh baked bread

95 b 

bruschetta tomato Thumb

bruschetta tomato

Vegetarian choice

70 b 


garlic bread

60 b



Salami , roast venison, grilled veggies or smoked ham.

190 b

· salads ·
caesar salad thumbn

Caesar salad

155 b

greek salad thumbn

greek salad

155 b

nicoise salad thumbn

Niçoise salad

155 b


chicken salad

155 b

tuna salad thumbn

tuna salad

155 b

tomato salad thumbn

tomato salad

Vegetarian choice

95 b

mix salad

Vegetarian choice

95 b

· thai fusion ·
nua kwang jim jeow

grilled venison

270 b

spaghetti kiimao menu fusion locanda

spaghetti kii mao talee

240 b


spaghetti clams and chilli paste

210 b

· pizza & pasta ·
pizza half-half

pizza half-half

For a slight extra charge, have TWO! pizzas in ONE!

280 b

pizza smoked ham rocket thumbn

smoked ham rocket

250 b


four cheese

250 b

pizza seafood thumbn


250 b 

pza veg thumbn


Vegetarian choice

250 b

pizza hawaii thumbn


250 b

pizza diavola thumbn


250 b 

pizza Napoli thumbn


250 b


ham & mushrooms

250 b



250 b

lasagna thumbn


Trademark of our restaurant

220 b

ravioli spinach ricotta thumbn

ravioli spinach & ricotta

Vegetarian choice

210 b

spaghetti carbonara thumbn

spaghetti carbonara

210 b

spaghetti seafood thumbn

spaghetti seafood

240 b

penne vodka shrimp thumbn

penne vodka shrimps

220 b

linguine vongole thumbn

linguine vongole

210 b


tagliatelle salmon cream

240 b


spaghetti amatriciana

เค่อน พริกทอด

210 b

spaghetti _vegetarian_menu_locanda_doi_saket_restaurant

spaghetti vegetarian

Vegetarian choice

210 b


fettuccine ham & mushrooms

210 b

image in progress

spaghetti puttanesca

แองโชวี่ มะกอกดำ พริกทอด

210 b


spaghetti bolognese

210 b


spaghetti garlic chilli oil

210 b

spaghetti _black_ink

spaghetti black ink seafood

240 b

gnocchi 4 heese thumbn

gnocchi 4 cheese

Potato,eggs, flour flakes w/ variety of cheese.

240 b


gnocchi tomato cream

Vegetarian choice

210 b


gnocchi butter sage

Vegetarian choice

210 b


gnocchi vegetarian

Vegetarian choice

210 b


gnocchi ham & mushrooms

210 b

· main ·
pork steak mushr thumbn

pork steak

Pork steak with peeper sauce or mushroom cream sauce.Served with french fries and grilled veggies or side salad

250 b


duck with orange sauce

Duck breast served with french fries and grilled veggies or side salad

270 b


petti di pollo salsa al limone

chicken breast with lemon cream sauce

250 b

vrnison steak thumbn

venison fillet steak

Cooked to perfection and served with french fries and grilled veggies or side salad

290 b


wiener schnitzel

Breaded pork served with mustard , fries and grilled veggies or side salad

250 b

salmon steak almond thumbn

salmon steak

Salmon steak with Locanda tartare sauce

250 b

seabass puttanesca thumbn

sea bass puttanesca

Seabass withh puttanesca sauce. Tomato, herbs, olives, anchovies.

220 b

seabass basilsauce thumbn

sea bass basil sauce

Basil, black olives, capers.

210 b


sea bass lemon sauce

210 b


fish & chips

Served with fries, side salad and, Locanda tartare sauce!

210 b

· thai (lunch only) ·

stir fried chicken w/ thai basil

Chicken, pork, shrimps, seafood. Served with rice and fried egg

85 b / 95 b 


fried pork with red curry

Chicken, pork, shrimps, seafood. Served with rice and fried egg

85 b / 95 b 

khaopad menu locanda

fried rice (kaaopad)

Chicken, pork, shrimps, seafood. Served with rice and fried egg

85 b /95 b 

Our menu goes digital! A new, clear and clean format

Dear Customer, we hope that this new format we are presenting to you as our main MENU will meet your approval. We choose to digitally display our creations for many reasons. It displays more clearly what our dishes are, it allows a better flexibility, for example constantly keeping you updated of daily special choices and, it effectively fulfill sanitary standards.